Freemasonry in Loughton

Re-Opening 1st September 2020

After the end of the suspension of Masonic Activity on 16th July 2020 the Loughton Masonic Centre will reopen from 1st September 2020. The re-opening will be consistent with the guidance given by UGLE and MMH.

Instructions are as below:

The Centre will be open for meetings from Tuesday 1st September 2020 for the regular meetings already booked. You will need to let Allan Tilbury know at least 2 weeks before the date if you will be having a meeting.

  • There will be no additional meetings before 1st September
    • Additional meetings after the re-opening will be considered
  • LoIs, CoIs and external bookings will NOT be considered at the moment
    • This is due to the necessity to clean the building after every meeting
    • They will be reinstated if and when there are changes in Government regulations and UGLE instructions   
  • Access to the building will ONLY be allowed for a planned meeting
    • Access outside these times will invalidate the cleaning and sanitizing
  • On entering the building, the following procedure will need to be undertaken
    • A member of the Centre staff will be set up inside by the door
    • He will take the brother’s temperature and ensure that the brother is not suffering symptoms
    • A mask will be needed, if a brother does not have one, there will be a box by the door 
    • The brother will then be required to sign in to ensure that track and trace can be actioned if necessary
    • There will be a gel hand sanitizer by the door, as well as at strategic points around the building 
  • All Units must follow the UGLE/MMH guidelines on running meetings and ceremonies
    • These include use of equipment and VSLs
    • All equipment will be sanitized after each meeting
  • There will be NO Festive Boards, Tea and Coffee or Bar Facilities
  • The dining room will be laid out with tables and used as a changing room, with social distances marked out
    • The changing room upstairs should be treated as a passage with no lingering
  • Only the toilets downstairs will be open
    • Brethren should be cautious with regard to waiting and entering the toilets
    • Please ensure that hand washing follows the Government guidelines
    • Toilets will be cleaned and sanitized after each meeting by the LMC staff
  • Meetings will be restricted for Craft, MARK, RAM, KT to 30 only
    • But will only be 26 for HRA 
    • The Lodge Room will accommodate 16 using 2 metre guidelines, and 30 using 1 metre plus (masks)
    • The Room will be set out to meet these requirements, either with chairs removed or suitably marked to avoid
    • As per UGLE/MMH guidelines there will be no singing, and the organ should not be used
    • But the OTO system can be used to enhance the meeting
  • Caution should be exercised in going up and down the stairs
    • There should be NO passing on the stairs
    • One of the Lodge members should act as sentry to ensure that there is only one-way traffic at any time
  • Once the meeting is finished attendees should be encouraged to leave one at a time in a timely manner 

There is a good chance that some of these points may be changed or updated in the next few weeks if Government regulations or UGLE/MMH instructions change, and updates will be sent.

If you have any questions, please contact me or any other member of the Board.

Our objective is to open the Centre safely for the members and we trust that the members attending will follow the instructions, if not and there are problems then we will have to reconsider the opening. 

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